Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 27: Happy, Happy Birthday...

Yesterday was truly a special day. May 27. My Momma's birthday. She would have been 60 years old. Wow....Its seems like forever since I've seen her and miss her so much!

I spent most of Saturday....lying in bed and reminiscing. My mom's parents are still living....and I don't get to see them much. My papaw called me earlier in the week.....which is unusual, because my mamaw usually does the calling. They usually have one on one extension, and one on the other, but most always, mamaw does the talking. My papaw was talking through tears. He has been up at night with worries about me. Mamaw calls nearly daily checking on me. Their health is such that they just can't make the trip. I'm embarrassed to say....I don't get to go visit much....due to baseball, dance, etc. etc. Life just happens.

Each time I talk with them, I vow to come see them as soon as we can. When the kiddos DO have the occasional free weekend, they typically go see their dad, and I don't DARE show up at Mamaw's house without my kiddos! haha

May is usually a rough patch for me with both Mother's Day and Mom's birthday falling close together. This particular "May" has been a doosey!! I decided late Saturday, that I would round up the kids, and drive to West Helena and surprise my grandparents at church. I can never arrive without "bearing gifts"....i.e., pictures of the kiddos, so I began sending pics to the one-hour at Walgreens. I made them a little photo album, with our latest family pics, some pics from our Spring Break vacay, and some random snapshots of us just being silly. (those are definitely in abundance!)

I discussed my little agenda with my brother and he agreed they would love the idea. I wished he and his family could have joined us, but since he pastors a church of his own....he needs a tad more than the "less than 24 hours notice" that is classic for his big sister! :)

We had texted and visited throughout the day, and he asked me to please make some copies of mom's journals to send to him. I've hogged them for a couple of years, but like me, he is in need of some of her words from time to time. He has asked me a couple of times before to do that....but I'd failed to take time to do it....:(   I'm sorry Jay. I immediately began completing that project for him. I dove in, making copies, and even took some pictures of different passages that she had written regarding Jay, or just uplifting words, with my iphone and texted to Jay. They sure made me smile....and hoped they did the same for my little brother.

Also, in her journal, there was rarely a post that didn't mention her friend, Judy. She was her childhood best friend, and a nurse by trade. She accompanied mom to her doctors' visits. I even texted Judy a couple of writings. Judy was such a blessing to my mother, and their friendship was more of a sisterhood. I know Judy aches for her as much as we do. God bless Judy! And thanks be to our Lord for sending me my "Judy".....Deb!  :)

On mom's last Christmas, I had given my mom two books from my children. They were the Thomas Kincaid "Memories for my Grandchild".....books. Very similar to the generic baby books, but they are geared to tell my children stories I couldn't..... About HER childhood. And even MY early days. I asked her to complete one for Sam and one for Sydney. Unfortunately, I she wasn't able to finish them....but she did get most of the way through Sydney's. She will never know how her HER handwriting....has been the best gift to us. I chuckle when she wrote about her first kiss, or dating my dad.....but she also left us with thoughts of us and things she wanted to teach my children.

Here is a blip about how "little girls are supposed to act!"  :)

I had the best mom. Our house was always like a revolving running in and out. We always had supper together every night. And lots of times a stray neighborhood kid or 2 would join us. My dad had an old green Chevy pickup truck and Mom and Rosetta would let all the neighborhood kids pile into the back of that truck and go get a "Jo Jo"....(shaved ice). This became a nightly ritual. Growing up in Newport, the mosquitos would carry us off, so they would always take us for a ride while we ate them. Lord, at least 8-10 kids in the back of that truck! :) I loved growing up there.  Mom never missed ANY of activities, and most of the time, she had a carload of kids to and fro. She and I kinda "grew up together" -- since she got such an early start at motherhood.  We had SO many good times.

Birthdays and Holidays were always a big deal at our house!  Always!  She made sure of it.  So today I am hoping to celebrate HER!  :)

I've wondered over the years.....Was she proud of me?  I found this.....and smiled through my tears.

I wondered lately....Did the cancer scare her?  Did the chemo just terrify her?  Did she totally place her faith in I'm trying desperately to do?  I found these answers....written by her...

I know now how important prayer is by others.  I have some of the best people praying for me....I know this because they tell me daily, and I feel their prayers.  Apparently, she did too!  :) She teamed up with God....and reached the goal of HIS plan.  

Mom's thoughts about heaven, seeing her loved ones, and her watching over my Sydney:

Reading her her own such a precious precious gift.  But nothing compared to the precious gifts of love and sharing God's word and "works" with us all of our lives.  She was a precious angel here on earth.....and is safe in the arms of Jesus now.

I did make it to church....and managed to suprise my Mamaw and Papaw.  David, the kiddos, and sweet Madison came.  We first stopped for hugs, homemade biscuits and gravy at Tootie & Chuck's, before planting ourselves in their "pew" that has been their's since I was a little girl.  Tears filled their eyes....and I know we made them very happy to see us.

Had lunch and a visit that afternoon before heading home.  I was tired from the day.....but SO happy to celebrate such a special day with two special people who loved her as much as I did!!

Mom fought her teach me how.  I know this now.  And I will fight to the end for His plan for me.  I know it will be revealed to me in His time.....and I will be with mom again someday. 

Happy Birthday mom.
I love you,

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