Saturday, July 15, 2017

Teachable Moments

Up early on this Saturday spending time in the Word and reflecting on the week. Colossians 4:5 tells us to "Be wise in the way that we act toward others, and make the most of every opportunity."  

The words jumped off of the page and straight into my heart and pretty much "slapped me on the hand" as I was praying over certain situations going on with me. Some days I really fall short of His glory and in ways I can witness His grace and understanding. As a mom of 6, I get my fair share "teachable moments" that while frustrating,are not an opportunity for me to become....well? Mean. 

I remember having a conversation with a dear family friend who is a retired school counselor.....and I was "venting/seeking advice" about a one of my precious "littles" who was less than enthusiastic about his grades.....and he said something that struck home. 

"What is more important in the long run....his algebra grade? Or your relationship with your son?"  

Those words rang true. I've been dubbed a helicopter mom before. Recently, at work, I was called a "helicopter trainer." While it was meant in hit home. I'm a nagger. I nag and nag and nag until I get something done my way. In the end, the results are pretty much the same, except the "nagee" hates my guts. At the end of the day, a clean room...a high B instead of a low C....really isn't what matters. It's my relationship with those I love....that will help them succeed. All everyone really needs is someone in their corner...rooting for them. 

The same goes in the workplace. At church. On our commute. As Pastor Rick always says....Everywhere we go, are our words...true? Kind? AND necessary?? Focus on the "AND". All three. True. Kind. Necessary. 

How many times do we get our point across....only to keep on and on and on digging that point in, until we have beat that horse to death??


Today, I'm trying to figure out a way to do better. 

This week I've seen God's work everywhere. The way He can mend physically and emotionally. 

I've seen His healing in my Uncle. 

I've seen His love as my Aunt (his wife of 50 years) never left his side for even a minute. 

I've seen a child return from church camp with a hug (the kind that hung on for a minute) and a soft look that told me he felt the Lord move and came home refueled. Oh, how I remember those "mountaintop experiences"....

I've seen His continued healing for my boss/dear friend, who is a few months post-liver transplant. I never doubted she would be fine, because even without her knowing, she is a walking inspiration of an "on fire for Him" child of God, who touches all who know her. A warrior for His goodness and a true example of the kind of daughter of a King I want to be!

I have laughed. And laughed. I adore those in my life who can make me laugh til I cry....til I almost tinkle in my undies. 

I have been honored to pray for my friends, as they have suffered loss....of loved ones. Of employment. Of relationships. To be a prayer warrior that has been entrusted with going to Him with their needs. I've learned, "praying for you" shouldn't be a "pleasantry" should be..."I'm falling in my knees calling out your name before Him!"  

I'm praying this weekend, as I refuel and recharge, that I can go back to the basics and just practice grace. The same grace that has always been given to an undeserving me. 

Practice grace with my children. 

With my family. With my friends. In my workplace. And with all I meet. 

Momma used to say, "You may be the only Jesus some ever see."  


I've fallen a little short this week. 

Despite, all of my many blessings...fallen way short. 

Back to Colossians 4:5. 

Opportunities. Teachable moments. I hear ya, God. I pledge to do better. 

Let's exchange prayers, friends.  Who's in?

In Him,