Friday, July 18, 2014

Sam 2: Senior Series -- Senior Pics -- Our Tribute to Tia.....

Had Sam's Senior photo sessions last week.  You know me and pictures.  My kids have their own personal "paparazzi" and I drive them crazy.  I. do. not. care.   Period.  I carried you for 9 months.  Birthed you. Raised you.  And I want pictures.  I shall HAVE pictures.  They are forced to accept it.

Of course, I plan to share a two or three.....or a hundred.  I keep thinking they will thank me someday.  :)

It's no secret how "weepy" I am about all the Senior stuff that is happening ALL too quickly.  So, I'll keep that to myself....for the duration of this post.  Because I just wanna tell you about this day!  So much fun!

First....about the photographer.  Ya have to know, that she does not know I'm writing this. These are MY words.  Not even certain that she will even read it.  I just want to say a few words about Tia Wind.  Yes, I'd like to call Tia my friend.  And she is.  BUT, please know this....she took pictures of me and my kiddos, long before she was my "friend."  I was a stranger through her camera lens just a couple of short years ago.

Picture this.....
I received my diagnosis on a Monday.  And 10 days, a whirlwind of tests, a lumpectomy/biopsy, and TONS of emotions later.....I had a double mastectomy.  My life as I knew it changed in a blink of an eye.  A normal little checkup turned into lots of changed plans, worries, and heartbreak for many reasons. It hit me that I was about to go through quite an ordeal....with facing surgery, chemo, hair loss, and such an unsure future.  I asked my friend Rebecca, who has a nice camera, to take a few snapshots of me with the kids before everything started changing.  A few minutes later, Rebecca said that she could do MUCH better than that....and had me a session with Tia Wind, that no charge.

Up until this time, I had seen Tia's work on facebook, and through a little boutique that she often displayed her work in.....but had never had the pleasure of meeting Tia, personally.  What a precious, sweet, thing -- for Rebecca to take the initiative, and for Tia to offer her services so quickly, and generously.  The day before my surgery...she had a session with the kiddos and I.  She was fun and energetic and just a pleasure to be around.  She will NEVER know what a gift she gave us that afternoon.  Priceless.

Here are a few from that day.....

Of course, I adore the pictures.  But she gave us soooooo much that day.  She was such a "light" to our darkness in those first few days.  (Pun intended....hehehehe)

Doesn't stop there.  She contacted me right after I finished chemo.  And again, wanted to do a fall session with us.  And again....wouldn't let us pay her a dime.  I was bald and fat and ugly.  But I'd learned then that I was still a vital part of this I agreed to participate, anyway.  She again captured some fabulous pictures....despite my appearance.

Here we are again...

Tia is just a fabulous person.  She touched our little family....right square in the heart.  She donated to us her talents....not because she would get anything in return.  But because that's the kind of God-loving, God-LIVING, precious soul that she is.

Tia has a talent for beautiful photos, yes.  But her gifts go way past photography.  She never says no.  I contacted her about a "little something" for Sydney's Pepstepper Auction.  Bam!  "I'll donate a Senior Session!"  Dance moms around me were in awe.  Just like that.  She stepped up without the blink of an eye.  That is a HUGE value item.  She took the sweetest pictures of our Sophomore of charge....for use in the Panther Football Program book.  The monsoon rains caused multiple issues and if you have ever tried coordinating something with 10 other girls and their moms....AND the weather??  It's not easy.  Tia was an absolute joy and we got beautiful pictures as a result.....

Sam is, of course, one of her Senior Ambassadors for the Class of 2015.  But Sam's MOMMA is a Tia Ambassador, forever.  

Again, we were forced to reschedule a couple of times due to rain....but we arrived last Saturday at the complex.  I was quite aggravated at my teenage son, who forgot this and that and sent me back home to grab what we needed.  She just started snapping.....and she was able to get every picture I ever dreamed of and so much more....

Here are a few of my favorites:

Can you see why I'm soooooo obsessed??  Tia has a gift, friends.  I thank her so much for all she has done for our community, and our little family.  No doubt, she is now looking at a friend and a FAN through her camera lens now, and not just a stranger.  In our conversations, I've learned that she is constantly trying to perfect her craft, and wants to learn to be better and better.  More than that, she knows how important her sessions are to those who come to her....and she strives to make it special and unique.

Here is a link to Sam's complete session.....

What memories she has captured for us!  I couldn't be more pleased.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father...."  James 1:17

We love you, sweet Tia.
In Him,

PS....Find her on Facebook at Tia Wind Photography or Follow her instagram  @tiawind1973.  Her pictures are always simply priceless.  <3