Monday, October 21, 2013

My Sam

Tomorrow is my Sam's birthday. 

Couldn't help but see his little life flash before my very eyes.  Time is just moving tooooo fast.  Y'all know me.  Picture tribute it is....

Sam came into this world not breathing on his own.  After many weeks at Arkansas Children's Hospital, and against the odds....he is a strong, healthy boy who does not stop.  When I see him running down the football field, or rounding the bases, I can barely remember those feelings of holding my first born in my arms wondering if he would ever be able to breathe without a machine.

God is so good.  I began to cherish that child and see the joy in his eyes the first time he opened them to look at me.  He is everything a momma hopes for in her son.  I always dreamed of having a son and he has far exceeded those dreams.

I love you Sam.  17 years has gone by much too fast. 

Here are some of my favorites:

 Mamaw Patsy holding you for the first time.  :)

My favorite baby picture of you, Sam.  First day with the trach.
My big boy!  Always smiling!
Washing Papaw's truck.  :)
Always a proud Big Brother!'re gonna kill me for this one.  Loved the camera!
Love your eyes in this one.  Such a shame to waste those eyelashes on a boy!  :)
My Momma's boy!  :)
Astros days.....Where you began to love the game!
Benton Allstars.  Momma was so proud!
My handsome little man!
Such good buddies.  <3
White boy CAN jump!  :)
Go Panthers!
And...Go Panthers!
First touchdown in the New Panther stadium. 
Go hogs!
Go Redwolves!
us with the "photobomber"  :)
My proudest day EVER!  <3
You're a child that prays....


Look out world!


We love the beach!

My favorite sand castle EVER!  <3
Smiles from Chicago....:)
My little "team"!  :)
With your biggest fan.....
Every game.
Always a panther....
My 21.
In my heart, you still look like this....Momma's big boy.
You never left my side....
My loves....
The occasional "selfie"  :)
Fun in Mexico!
For the love of the game!
My "travs" date!  :)
My goofy kiddos....
So handsome...
Sophomore letterman!  whoop!
Hog fun!

First Race year!

Silly boy!

Gosh....go back.  Turn back time.

Happy 13th!
Jr. Panthers!
Go Cubs!
Beach fun!
"I love you forever...I love you for long as I'm baby you'll be."
OH, time....please slow down.
Happy happy birthday to you my Sam.
Momma loves you.
In Him,