Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My "Cancer-versary"

As I settle in for the night, I can't help thinking about tomorrow.  It's my 2-year "Cancerversary", y'all. 

2 years.  In some ways, it seems like a lifetime ago.  In others, seems like just yesterday.  So many thoughts flash before my one of those "flip-a-gram" videos.

I don't read my old posts often....but tonight I found myself reverting back to a couple....that really detail my journey. My Cancer journey started there....In that Doctor's office, with my friends.


Then the Lord kicked in and my team held me first words just days after my diagnosis....

A short year later....My journey in pictures.  How blessed I am.  Always.

I was reaffirmed last week that I'm still in remission.  Hair is back.  I'm healthy.  I'm happy.  I'm a busy momma....with my Panther baseball new Pepstepper (she made it!  yay!) wonderful loving fabulous amazing David.....and my sweet family.

Life is pretty darn good apart from cancer.  Some days?  I let myself "go there."  To say what if?  I guess that is normal.  I'm still learning each day to live "apart from the cancer"....and its tough at times. 

God has brought me through so much in my life.....He has never let me down. I cling to Him in moments like today that I go back to the very beginning and recall where it all began.  It never leaves the back of my mind that I may have to do it all over again.....But it also never leaves me that I won't be alone.  I can honestly say....I wouldn't change a thing.
I've said before....and I'll say it again...."I kicked Cancer's butt!"  :)

Take THAT, Satan.....BAM!

In Him,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

To you, Sydney Clare...

On the eve of Pepstepper Tryouts....these are my words to you.

To my Sydney Clare…

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of you.  I know this is a big week, you may be a tad afraid and nervous about what the future holds.

Just know this…

God is with you.  He loves you and HIS plan is ALWAYS perfect.  Whatever you do…do for HIS glory.  Being a Pepstepper will not define you.  However, your heart, your character, your love for the Lord, and compassion for others will be what is remembered.  No matter what that list shows tomorrow….Remember that!

I have placed a couple of things in your basket that you have seen before…

The little “pink” gloves.  A gift from Ms. Shannon. A reminder to “fight like a girl!”   Every turn, every leap, every step of each dance….Fight for it.  Show the judges what you are made of.  All the work, all the talent you hold….let it shine! 

Mamaw’s cross.  So many have prayed over this cross before big moments in our lives.  I’ve shared its importance with you before and I want you to know, that once again, I said a prayer over it today as I placed it in your basket.  Hold it dear.  And know that all of us are standing in prayer for you as you perform tomorrow.  That you do your very best….and that is and always will be good enough for us!  

And of course…your “Pink panther”…..he is just tradition!  A tradition of ours that we will continue throughout your years as a Panther dancer. 

I want to leave you with my favorite verse….

Proverbs 31:25  “She is clothed in dignity and strength….and she Laughs without fear of the future…”

You are strong.  You are talented.  I wish you could sit in the bleachers and see what we see.  I am so very blessed that God chose ME to be your mom!

Momma loves you, babygirl.  Break a leg!~