Thursday, June 9, 2016

Haiti Love

Hi Friends.

Couldn't wait to get home.  To write.  To Pray.  To process what I've learned about Haiti....from just a couple of pictures and a few texts.  Like 5 to be exact. So much so that I drove home through a sea of tears. 

I've learned what a privileged society we have in which to live.  Today, I stayed at work during my lunch hour, which I often do....and complained to myself that I was tired of the turkey sandwich I was eating....again for the 4th day in a row.  You see, at the beginning of the week, I ran to the store and bought the lunch meat, a loaf of bread, some cheese, and some chips....oh yea....and diet cokes to last for the week.  Partly, so I wouldn't "have to get out" during lunch....and partly so I could save that "fast food money" for my upcoming family vacation next month.

As I was munching on said sandwich....and visiting with a few co-workers who where gathered around the table....I listened as a couple came in from outside talking about how hot it was.  And granted, it outside.  June in Arkansas hot.  Probably 90ish?  Not sure.  But yes....when it takes the AC in your car about 10 miles to cool's hot.  

After lunch, I walked back to my office....where I turned on my little fan to blow right in my face....because those "cold natured" in the office had turned it up to .....gasp! 75.  "Hot Flash Terri"....was hot.

This has been the scenario for every day this week.  

My Sam, flew out yesterday with an organization called "One Loud Voice" volunteer for the "Mission of Hope" project.  Google these right now.  And read about them.  Follow them on insta.  And pray for their work.  Please.  

As for Sam, I've been in prayer for him and his team for quite some time.  We have all the proper preventative medications, all the bug sprays, sunscreens, etc. And even a few "Luxuries" in his bag to donate once he gets know...peanut butter, jelly, Cheerios, paper towels, and a couple of cans of spaghetti sauce.  Luxuries.  Let that sink in for a second.  

And I was griping about a turkey sandwich.  

Obviously, cell phone usage and wifi isn't much of an option in a third world country, so I've not gotten to speak to Sam since he boarded the plane in Atlanta, yesterday.  However, the young man rooming with him at the MOH compound, is able to text his mom.  What an angel she is to share his words with a group of us Mommas here at home.

First text, late last night....
"I am in my room. No windows. It's 102 😂😂. About to get a shower then crash. Long day tomorrow! The city was like something I've never seen, it's awful. There isn't a building standing. The compound is nice. It is gated. Electricity through the night! And running cold water! We have guards too so safe!"

My heart sank for my child and his new friend...and their mission team.... thinking of all they are enduring to spread the love of Christ.  He felt the need to share that he felt safe.  Most 19-20 year old boys aren't worried about safety.  AC maybe?  But, safety.   For some reason, that stuck with me.

"Yeah sam is sleeping Above me he's good"

Assuming, he was asked about my Sam.  Was nice to know he was good.  So I'm picturing bunk beds in a hot, windowless room.  In the "nice compound".  Here in America...."Nice" is usually a Hilton, Embassy Suites....somewhere with room service, a fluffy bed, and a complimentary breakfast.  :)

This morning:
"I'm not sure the time, they don't know! But me and Sam are sitting in the roof! We have a long day!

We got to see their view!!  From their roof of the compound.  While pretty, I couldn't help but think it appeared a bit desolate.  

He went on to explain to us that parts of the island recognize daylight savings time, and other parts do not.  So nobody really has any idea what time it is.  Haha

He also said that one of the adults on the trip is really struggling.  When asked exactly what she was struggling with....
The heat.

"Yes it's so so so hot nothing like you've ever felt'

Please, please.  Stop and pray for her.  That she can push through.

We got more pictures!  (I'll bet this precious angel doesn't realize how we are hanging on his EVERY word!  :))

We are assuming that sweet Abbey was given a new hair do by her new friends.  Precious.

My Sam is on the right.  I have stared at this picture more often than I'd like to admit.  Oh, my heart strings are tugged.

This afternoon...they traveled further.

"Village we are in now most don't even own pants or underwear! Terribly sad."

Tears sprung to my eyes when reading this.  At the exact same moment,  I received a phone call that one of the million items needed to dress my daughter for her final year of dance team,  was ready for pickup at the Sports Shop.  And then my daughter texted to ask me idea for a gift for her "little sister" for dance camp this week.  Her words..."Help me!  I don't want to get crappy gifts."  Now don't misunderstand....Sydney's heart is in a good...even  But I just couldn't help noticing the ....difference in dilemmas, decisions, problems.

It was a pattern all day today.  I get home and the kids are "starving" is exhausted from basketball is so hot because he walked "all the way down the street from a friend's house" and can he go swimming?  

Again...please don't misunderstand.  All of them are super kids.  And I am so grateful for the blessings they have and the opportunities we are provided daily. heart is just aching.  Simply aching. For the entitlement that we practice....and the amount we take for granted...each and every day.

Just before I left the office...
"Back at the compound! After a freezing shower I'm still sweating. I don't know how these people live."

Be still my heart.  No words.

Another picture!  Our Kaylee....Sam's sweet girlfriend....and no doubt a child that is already nestled deep in her heart.

And just moments ago...
"Tomorrow we get to paint a house of missionaries here on campus and there's air conditioning!!

While I'm quite certain this won't be central air....with a thermostat at their fingertips....the treat maybe a little AC.  

Please please pray for these kids.  For the adults that are leading them.  Pray for those they are there to befriend, share Christ's love, and help if only for a moment.  Pray that their hearts are prepared to receive all that they are bringing before them.  

Pray for these organizations.  And those who have dedicated their lives to better this country.  My dear friend, and fellow mom said it best...."You are either called to go or called to send."  How true.  While only few are over there....So many  answered the "call to send" with prayerful and financial support.  I keep thinking that I want to go.  I want to take my family there.  To experience Sam's journey this week.  Although....I just don't know if I can...That's a prayer for many days ahead.

I replied to my friend last night...."I think our kids will be forever changed."

I know I am.  In just a few hours....a couple of pics....and half a dozen texts.  

Haiti.  We love you.  Already in our hearts.

And to you Sam Baker.  I've never, EVER, been more proud to be your mom.

"You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you."  John 15:16

In Him,