Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy busy weekend....:)

As the title of this post says....Busy busy weekend....Just the way I like it!  :)  Even too busy to really even blog!  But you know me....I keep good mental notes and am never at a loss to have anything to write about.  (To my sweet Kendall....don't think I'll need the "30 minute" warning on this one....but reserve the right to change my mind!  hehe)

This weekend was the Benefit Garage Sale that my sweet Becca and "crew" (Karen, Tammy, Kim, Justin, etc. etc. etc.) pulled together on our behalf.  All I can say is wow! So many donations from sweet friends (and strangers) who came together to help us.  As if Becca hasn't already done ENOUGH to help us....she pulled this thing together in true to "Becca" form....and it was a success.  Her original location fell through and she ended up having it at her home.....forcing it to be outside in the heat, and VERY overwhelming.  Counting up...we think we had close to 15 or so families making donations.  God bless she and Justin for opening their home for this.

Since I was off all day last Thursday for appointments, I worked a 9 hour day Friday to catch up.  Had intended to go home and rest....but couldn't relax knowing these ladies were out there working so hard to get ready for the sale.  I went over to help them around 6 I guess....Sambo and I arrived to find Becca, Karen and Tammy (and even sweet Caroline!) workin workin!  Lots of items to be separated, organized, and priced.  We immediately jumped in.  Shift changes throughout the night (as mommas and daddys were also getting in ball games!  :) ) and soon Greg, Bryan, Kyle & Kim arrived with "more stuff" and jumped in to help. Countless others donated (I am awaiting a list from everyone to find out just WHO I can properly thank!)  and we are so overwhelmed and grateful! 

I must admit, I was exhausted.  But I had such fun visiting with these friends, and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.  We laughed and joked as we rigged up ways to hang clothes, cover items to protect from the dew since we were having to leave things outside, etc etc.  You can tell we all grew up watch Macgyver!  :)  We were very resourceful!  :) 

Arrived the next morning between 6:30 and 7:00.  Becca, Kim and I were there to meet sales quotas in record time!  :)  I really enjoyed the visit we had.  It had been too long.  And my Kimmie is simply hilarious!  That girl just "ain't right" sometimes!  :)  Lots of sweet shoppers who I knew were there simply for the cause....and others who were there for the "bargains".....its was a good day.  We wrapped it up after lunch....and as with all garage sales....MUCH too much left over.  I left home with some "good stuff" that Becca has me an appointment in a few days to take to consigment, and the rest we donated to Civitan. 

My daddy and Karyn came to visit and cooked me a delicious "crappie" dinner, trophies from his latest fishing excursions.  Yum!  Becca joined us....the kiddos, plus Madison, Sam's sweet girlfriend, and Chloe, Syd's buddy.  Of course, the night was full of laughter and smiles.  Was so glad to see my dad and spend the afternoon with him. That did me so much good! By 10:00 that night....Momma was pooped!!  I know I should get 50 lashes for doing way too much.....and I was listening to my body alright.....but ignoring it knowing I could take it easy Sunday.  I'm feeling stronger everyday.....and I'm not one to every sit home.  I'm a go go go kinda girl.  So it felt good to my "soul" to be helping.

Of course, sweet Karen Harris and Carly, brought us a yummy dinner Saturday evening, but we saved it for Sunday.....Another in the long list of fabulous cooks! is SO out of my vocabulary.  I kinda snarl at the scales everytime I walk by them.  No courage to even THINK of stepping on them!  So grateful for so many who continue to help us.  Stephany arrived Sunday afternoon with Sub sandwiches, chips and fixins!  So yummy, especially with the kids getting out of school.  I'm beginning to get a little spoiled!  :)

Sunday morning, wow!  Senior Sunday at church.  43 Seniors recognized at First Baptist.  While I only know a handful was such a touching service....beyond words.  The Lord always speaks to me through Pastor Rick...without fail.  But his message today was so good.  And the music.  Oh wow!  I'm always moved...but today felt the need to stand and raise my arms (and this good little Methodist /Baptist girl doesn't do that often!:)  )  in praise and worship!  Since the surgery....I couldn't raise my arms physically....but boy was I raising them in my heart!!!  I fought back those "emotional/touched by the Good Lord" tears the whole service!  I knew when I watched Pastor Rick baptize is sweet little granddaughter, Lacy, just moments into the service, that I needed my kleenex!  :) 

So many of my close friends have graduating Seniors.  I love them like family....and am experiencing both pride and sadness as they begin this new chapters in their lives and cut the apron strings a little.  Don't know how I'll be able to do this in just 3 short years!  :)  They are continually in my prayers, especially this week as they have so much to celebrate.  God bless them all!!!  :)
This verse was printed on their tribute this morning....and I'm honored to share it....

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. "   Ephesians 5:1

Imitators of God......Life of Love.  Love this verse.

I took the kiddos to lunch and landed home for a much needed nap.  I just died.  Emotionally, I was a bit down today.  Not to disclose too much (I know by reading my blogs you wouldn't believe that I don't tell just EVERYTHING!  :)) but I am just not willing to write about it all.  I've been disappointed by a couple of people close to me lately.  I feel guilty by my disappointment in them, simply by all the kindess and generosity shown by others......but, I've come to realize that those we love sometimes disappoint us.  They sometimes hurt us.  Just as I'm certain I've hurt those I truly have loved.  I know I've been a disappointment, probably more than I even know. 

But matter how I "slice it or dice it".....the feelings are real.  I'm hurt.  I'm a tad angry.  But, I still love them with my whole heart.  And forgive them.  "Imitators of God".....I SO needed to hear that verse!  I'm strivin for that my friends!  I've found more love in this life of mine in the last three weeks than I have in a lifetime!  So grateful for my brave children, my precious precious David, and all my friends who have done so much for us.  I can only pray that they are as blessed by me as I am by them.

I am to see Dr. Sneed, my oncologist tomorrow.  I'm a bit anxious.  I was a little nervous because it appeared that due to work obligations of my usual crew....I would be going alone.  But my God even works on the "small details."  Late tonight, I got a sweet text from my dear friend Sonya asking if she minded if she "joined" me at the doc tomorrow.  She is going to meet me at my appointment and be there with me.  I truly have hand-picked angels from God right here on earth for this journey.  She probably has no idea how much that means to me and what a comfort it is to have her there!

Anyway...tomorrow.  The final pieces to the "Plan".  One thing I learned from Pastor Rick's message this morning to the Seniors.....don't ask the Lord to "bless your agenda".....just give Him your life.  Done.  It's in HIS hands.  I'm praying and searching deep to give Him my faith in its purest form.  We talk God and I.

Prayers for my Kim, my Emme, and all graduating Seniors and their loved ones who are standing beside them on their new journeys.  And a stranger to me....But sweet Emily, a precious child of God and an FBC Senior who's turn of events have kept her from so much of her Senior and Summer activities.  God works miracles!  :)

In Him,

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